About Nicole

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Nicole received her license in Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture, Herbs and Nutrition in California in 2001. She attended Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine, but received most of her training under the mentorship of Dr. Herb Kandel, OMD in Santa Maria, in a California-approved apprenticeship program. The five-year apprenticeship is reflective of the traditional way Classical Chinese Medicine practitioners used to be trained.

While most of Nicole's training has been in Traditional Chinese Medicine as it is taught and practiced currently in China, she continues her professional studies in Classical Chinese Medicine, which focuses on elemental causes of symptoms, and on the  fluid and universal life processes that facilitate healing naturally. 

While she has completed thousands of hours of professional training, continuing her education and research are part of her commitment to your care. Getting to know you as an individual also informs her research and intuition so that she may deliver the best, most personalized treatment plan and ongoing wellness strategies possible.


Nicole was on track to become a Marriage and Family Counselor, but felt frustrated because she was unable to address clients’ concerns about physical maladies without referring them to doctors, all the while knowing that everything—physical, mental, emotional—is connected.

Then, after an emergency C-section with her first baby, she was so grateful to her MD that she decided to become a doctor. Her plan was to treat “the whole person.” While finishing pre-med courses, Nicole developed adult onset asthma, and a friend recommended acupuncture. It was in treatment that she learned that on the other side of the planet, health practitioners had been treating people holistically for thousands of years, just as she had always dreamed of being able to do.


Apart from her fascination with health and healing, her interests include creative writing, the arts, nature, walking, yoga, travel, and Compassionate Communication. She loves to spend time out in nature with her children, partner, friends, and golden retriever, Honey.